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•Le Grand Depart - Up!

Reproduced from the Feed my ride project curated by Progress Packagaing. Other bag designs available to purchase from the top link.


Inspired by the rolling hills, valleys, and peaks of West Yorkshire (and the nearby Yorkshire Dales) where Tom Crabtree grew up. So many great names: Hoggs Hill, Halton Gill, Snaizelholme Fell, Kirkby Brow, Malham Moor, Parson’s Pulpit.


Manual is a design and visual communication studio. Our work strives to uncover the intangible essence of a brand and express it through unique visual solutions. In doing so, we give brands more value and distinction. We work with a broad range of clients—from startups to the world’s most revered brands—and maintain a consistently high level of execution and production across print, packaging, and digital media. Manual practices its craft in San Francisco, California.

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