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Planning Unit

Planning Unit was founded by Nick Hard and Jeff Knowles in 2011, it is a leading London-based creative design studio. Whether working for a global brand or local primary school, our focus is on discovering and expressing the unique voice and vision of our clients, while providing the space for them to evolve and achieve their creative and business ambitions. The studio is a reincarnation of co-founder Nick Hard’s grandfather’s design studio of the same name. Although recently established, the agency’s roster of international clients already speaks for itself, including such well-known and respected brands as Salomon, Knoll, V&A, BBC, Design Museum and D&AD.

'Footie grounds' feature the footprint of the football stadium and surrounding roads. The name of the club is not featured on the posters, thus only the true football fan will know their own team’s ground by using the shape of the stadium as a familiar identifier.

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